Does Starlight Home Loans only Do Specialist Lending and Non Conforming Loans?

Starlight Home Loans has a broad variety of Banks we access and can give as competitive rates as anywhere in the Market. We are always on the lookout for which Bank has got the best deal going at the time. It can change quite dramatically, so it pays to have us shop around for you.

Why is it important to have a choice of Banks?

Different banks will look at things differently. When one Bank says NO, another may be quite happy to say YES. You don't always have to go to a specialist Lender if your bank is not helping.

Banks vary greatly around their requirements for Deposits, Construction Loans, Rural Areas, Cash Out Requests, your Age, How long you have been in your job or whether you are self employed. Don't fall in love with just one bank, your circumstances may change.

Think of Banks and Lenders as a specialist tool to master whatever Job you need them to do.

What is a non conforming Home Loan?

Most Banks will not lend against your home if you have defaults anywhere on your credit report, you owe money for Tax, you haven't paid your rates or other bills are running late.

Even though once you consolidate your loans everything is more affordable, they consider this too big a risk to refinance you. A company that will refinance your debts and take that risk into account is said to be offering a non conforming home loan.

How does this Help Me?

While the Interest rate is a little bit higher than a normal Home Loan, it can be considerably cheaper than a car loan, credit cards or other debts. The consolidation of debts over a longer period of time should drop your repayments substantially on what you are making now and put you in a better day to day financial position. Also if your debts are running late, you need to address the situation before it escalates into a mess. We are obliged to make sure the refinancing of your debts, puts you in a much better and more secure financial position than before. This can quite often mean the difference between keeping your home or losing it.

Why is the Interest rate higher on Non Conforming loans?

The Interest rate is determined by the risk the Lender has taken to approve your loan. The amount of loans that default when people have experienced financial troubles is considerably higher than normal, and the interest rate reflects the risk involved.

Does that mean the Interest on this Home Loan is always Higher?

No! If you make the repayments promptly and on time for a couple of years, we will look at refinancing you into the best rate available at the time. You will need to keep your other debts under control as well.

What documents you need to apply for a non conforming Home Loan

(Applies to a normal home or business loan as well)

In most instances we will need 6 to 12 months of history on all finances, bank accounts and loans. Start keeping everything now, don't throw any letters or statements away and keep it all in the one spot. Anything missing ring and order or print out, it can take a week or more to get some statements. If you leave it to the last minute you will be frustrated. So start on it now and keep your history and information up to date.

And remember you also need this information for everyone on the title of the Home and Loan


You will need two out of the following three:

  • Passport (compulsory if you have a current one)
  • Driver’s licence
  • Photo identification, such as a university identification card or proof of age card.
  • If you were born overseas make sure you have a passport or citizenship certificate.

If you don’t have two of these, you can also provide a birth certificate, Medicare card, Marriage Certificate or similar documentation.

PAYG Income Earners (wages paid by an employer)
All of the following -
  • Last 3 payslips (must be computer generated & show year to date totals on income, tax & superannuation)
  • Employer PAYG Summaries (Group Certificates) (For last financial year, for all jobs held during that time)
  • Latest Centrelink statement for Family Tax Benefit Part A & B (Must be dated within the last 4 weeks & show name and address on statement)
  • Latest Centrelink statement for any Pension entitlements dated within last 4 weeks (Must be dated within the last 4 weeks & show name and address on statement)
  • Latest Centrelink statement for any Child Support received (Must be dated within the last 4 weeks & show name and address on statement)
  • Latest Superannuation Statement
  • Anything else to prove additional income if you have it
NB: Centrelink statements can be requested through your online account in the ‘Documents and Statements’ Tab  ‘Request a Document’ tab.

If you are Self Employed one of the following options
SELF EMPLOYED - Fully Verified Sole Traders
  • Last 2 years FULL & lodged tax returns/Notice of Assessments Partnerships
  • Last 2 years FULL & lodged tax returns/Notice of Assessments for individuals & for the partnership Companies
  • Last 2 years FULL & lodged tax returns/Notice of Assessments and Last 2 years full financials, including profit & loss statements
SELF EMPLOYED – Unverified
  • Last 6 Months BAS Statements
  • Last 6 Months of Business Banking Statements
  • Letter from your Accountant (on letterhead) stating income drawn from the business
It is important you supply the complete date range of statements asked for as nothing will progress until all of the required statements are received.
Please provide statements for all of the following debts/accounts/ongoing bills that you and your partner have from the below list:
  • Home Loans – Statements for the last 12 months
  • All Bank Accounts – Statements for last 6 months
  • Car Loans/Leases – statements for the last 6 months
  • Personal Loans – statements for the last 6 months
  • Credit & Store Cards – statements for the last 6 months
  • Any Other Debts – your most recent statement for each (TAX, HECS, Centrelink etc)
  • Council Rates – Most recent rates notice for all properties/land currently held
  • Rental Statements (investment properties only) – statements for the last 2 months

NB: Statements are only acceptable if they are originals or internet statements (no screen shots of internet banking home pages or transaction lists).
They must clearly show the creditors name, as well as your name, address and account number.

Whilst we acknowledge this can be a lot of information required, it will enable us to get the best possible outcome for your refinance and debt consolidation. Yes - I know it's a pain, just do it, all the lenders require the same things.

What if I am unhappy or want a dispute resolved?

If you are not happy with the service provided by Starlight Home Loans, Please contact our Dispute Resolution manager on (02) 4369 6287 or email [email protected]

It is our policy to confirm receipt of your complaint within one working day and have a resolution within three to seven days.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint, you have the option to contact:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) Tel 1800 931 678

If appropriate, we may also refer Home Loan Disputes to FAST (Financial and Systems Technology Pty Ltd) our Finance Aggregator, for independent consideration or input.

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