About Starlight Home Loans

Starlight Home Loans and Fast Debt Help have been successful in helping thousands of people through difficult financial circumstances

Yes, we do all the things a Home Loan Broker does, but several years ago (2013) we started helping people with Debt Problems and started trading as Fast Debt Help as well.

There are several methods we can use to help people who have found themselves in Financial Difficulty.

If you have good Equity in your home it may still be possible to refinance, even if everything is running late, you have credit defaults or Tax Debt.

If you don't have a lot of equity in your home you may qualify for a Debt Agreement or informal payment arrangement of Debts, where we can still Consolidate many Debts, Freeze or reduce the Interest into a payment plan that fits your budget.

The more people we have helped in these circumstances, the better we have got at finding solutions and negotiating agreements to smooth the way.

Go to www.FastDebtHelp.com.au for more information

We have developed a simple budget for households and small business that helps with planning debt reduction, helps with cashflows and also puts together a savings plan. This is online as a free, saveable budget at www.MoneyBuckets.com.au

We are also constantly looking for lenders who will offer a better deal, value add or help transition people into the best financial position we can.

This is the Team at Starlight Home Loans
Alan Williams
Lea Williams
Jeff Hallam
Jacqueline Williams


My loan was settled this week and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for the professional advice and help that you have given me. I really don’t know where to start except to say that my life changed for the better the day I phoned you for help. Even from the very first phone call you have been extremely encouraging and supportive when I thought I really was a hope less case. It was so important to me to know that all of you were out there working for me and trying to fix my situation. I have been under sustained financial pressure for many months and even now I’m still afraid to believe that I can relax a little. What your help has meant to me is that now I can have more of a normal life including paying my bills, having the occasional treat and maybe even saving a little money. My financial and credit crisis situation has caused me to be very embarrassed and humiliated in front of my adult children and my ex husband (who is extremely successful) and other family members but now thanks to all of you I feel I have the opportunity of a fresh start. I’m sorry if I was a little anxious at times but I felt very secure knowing that all of you were managing my situation. Take care and good luck with your service – it’s so important.

Starlight Home Loans

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